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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  November 8, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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the coastal think this is the end of the nine months negotiations. and then we hope the dollar. we see who we meet and discuss the impasse. and then maybe we'll get some more the gang and it says has his price and i get to the postings of not negotiating in court friday fan this is a problem with this this whole thing to consider you to see and then have wanted to to see two of them belong the program does is it is unclear who is doing it your not going to put to sea. colin is history. but i think this is that this is the change the fact that more and more companies will begin to see. because they see what happens on the ground. who is in response to that of the grownups peace and peace no in between and but it's not the reason to discuss it openly in peace process. holy alliance in kinda like you've just been saying. do you think that these types of nation state the kooks who
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don't speak it too i can without going into true true true true. most of the code states it is still under negotiation. but i think this is that the vests that. you have come from. now it could be if a shield that keeps these. to be a boon. we didn't choose to move beyond the cost is able to see additional compete the people greenpeace would be nice and smoked and picks up the contents and ice and i think it's an identity with us in front of another time and that's if upon spying kept in pj's with us because naturally will be more casualties. lulu. i will. d
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do we will will will will
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will will. studio boston international airport will be doubled to handle the surge in passengers expected for expo twenty seventeen according to ask our german golly of the minister of transportation and communications the announcement came at a meeting of the national expo commission which signed off on the next poll registration while there will be sent to the international exhibitions bureau in paris. prime minister sir e r maine off presided at the meeting one hundred twenty six countries are expected to take part in the exhibition which is expected to attract to napoli and visitors. the prime minister asked the expo commission to develop a full
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fledged strategy for hosting the event. reconstructing the ancient silk road was a key topic of an international conference on transportation and logistics in austin on today's cars each time new silk way forum focused on how to make of the time a major transit hub and focused on a global transportation issues over three hundred people from countries interested in creating a bridge between europe and asia attended the conference. dixon has already taken steps to improve its transportation situation is four and a maritime transportation company expanded the art tile seaport as modernizing a number of airports you will complete a network of transportation and logistics centers within two years officials said. voting for me is that i think it will open it because it sounds geographical location and our strategy of creating a new subway indicate we should be working with railroad in singapore demonstrations in azerbaijan georgia turkey and south european countries
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the potential of the transportation corridor that runs through these countries will jaw after the just cause gonna be a new rail construction project is finished. the act south seaport is expanded the cars ah ka lok lrt rail link is completed and the boss for straight title is fully operational for him for just one smell the soap way as a potential gold mine about three billion people live along. that's why country's long and are spending huge amounts of money to modernize the transportation infrastructures. i was planning to spend over sixty billion dollars through twenty twenty. an international conference on how legislators can promote nuclear disarmament will be held in st petersburg with copics cause lower house playing a key role the co sponsors of the gathering will be kazakhstan smugglers and the commonwealth of independent states and or parliamentary assembly the main focus of the conference will be how to reduce the likelihood of a nuclear event. the chairman of the module is mural on the move tool and mat with celtic sounds organizing
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committee of the preparations for the forum. those of the media review the proposed conference agenda that includes global nuclear safety preventing illegal production of nuclear material the sale and transfer of nuclear weapons ways that legislators can foster nonproliferation and ways to ensure control of nuclear materials the organizing committee said it hopes the conference generates new approaches to reducing the nuclear threat and helps consolidate efforts to create a nuclear free world was in its expansion into it. the conference will be very important because the anti nuclear initiatives of our present in your soul time not survive will be a center of attention. one of the main initiatives is to call adam project well known legislators outstanding politicians scientists and nuclear disarmament experts from many countries will attend this forum. the money he would show my spm. they always do yet it was appearing at his blog is new the question of why a five
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year old food built around a lot she fails to meet locals knees was a key topic of discussion among government officials and business representatives first deputy prime minister dr john sargent i often ask why the city stores are selling so much food from other parts of kazakhstan and other countries for example sixty percent of all my heroes in its milk is important. thirty percent of their meat and over forty percent of their fruit and vegetables sudden thai open local officials are dissatisfied with the situation as are consumers. the deputy prime minister lee part of the blame on the kazakh grow national holding company thirty two billion tinggi that was posted the news to develop a food bill has been spent on other projects he said minister of agriculture apostles john mcmahon it back off said property owners in the area are devoting to love their land to food production he said the hearing could feed all of cars each time if used properly. the minister said the government will be able to confiscate the news farmland after new amendments to the land to take effect
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meanwhile kazakh girl officials said they are developing new financing possibilities for farmers for example they want local officials to be able to pledge communal property to secure bank loans before that happens. sigh can't i have said that because i really need to ensure the local consumers are able to get all their food from local producers. your daughter the stitch. twelve thousand five hundred tons a meter consumed only seventy nine tonnes are produced here seventy six thousandfive hundred tonnes of milk were consumed here the situation is better half the butter is important we speak about domestic food supply but we import so much food. what is the point of having these businesses and causing stock disappointed. imagine a village in total blessing at all. police the evidence that
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it is a vocalist. first it was a good supply area have a clear border water rules exist there was change in the food supply area in the past five years. is there any increase in manufacture sales processing any expansion of irrigated land one of the benefits for all monte sorry i don't see any benefits yet. it is. they cost. the government says it plans to solve the energy shortage in some encaustic stung by a twenty twenty the shortage is expected to reach more than three thousand megawatts before a complete plan is in place almost silent psychology of the head of the national company sam re enter don't disclose the plan at a briefing in the central communication service office president marshall time not survive devoted a lot of attention to energy problems at the last governmental meeting he ordered top government officials to assume direct responsibility for renovating the ball catch thermal power plant site kali of central renovation and construction of new energy sources will be required to solve the shortage in southern ca is mixed on fifteen projects are already in the works
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the combined cost of more than one trillion ting be the new projects will add six thousand megawatts to capacity the ball cash thermal power plant renovation is one of these projects ahead of sam mackinnon also the paperwork is delayed the project. those responsible for the delay have been punished he said and on the balcony and expect him to confess that we have now developed the proper documentation. it has been submitted to the proper authorities for approval south because each town officials are developing a plan to revive textile mills struggling because of a surge in the cost of the mill's main raw material cost and the effort to develop the plan came after present cause or buy at school and regional officials for failing to address the problem. one example is a spinning wheel that was opened three years ago under the state program of aid to innovative industrial development the factory has modern equipment capable of producing six thousand tons of yarn the year but a surge in the global price of copper that led to it being closed
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after only a few months is not better operating now for two and a half years the company's director has tried but failed to obtain cheap long term loans to keep the business going. officials she stands. i went to many officials regional governors managers of the development bank deposits time to this day i have not had any help selling this problem in those who are you doing here the kids and teaching. do you do a post. new forward to listening to your needs he is finally getting all now that the president is aware of the situation. the prisoner was particularly radical that the domestic textile industry was on developing because of a shortage of raw material at the same time the context on cotton was sold overseas for a hefty prize. regional officials are putting together the plan to save the factory. as you weave in he's having these companies
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have been included in our program of post crisis recovery. they are exempt from taxes until twenty seventeen under this program national companies will buy a portion of their products. we are thinking about creating a stabilization fund to address this issue in a systematic manner. though. c says the buffalo news the former deputy governor supper back to ye buy and said it's impossible to protect the price of god. now government officials are considering subsidizing textile operations. this will reduce the cost of raw materials by ten to fifteen percent regional authorities also were planning to develop a textile industry cluster the region has cotton fiber yarn and garment factories dyeing and weaving facilities could be open to create a full production cycle the last of the ballet troupe is on its first world tour with the first on being beijing the calzaghe dancers have been preparing for the tour for a year for each dance they have different dresses and head wear and they pay careful attention to materials and colors the troupe is ready to present the best of context
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on ballet. the moment the term has set ambitious goals for themselves they want to show the national choreography of context on to the world. old. the us to the ballet will bring their best dances to the chinese capital. the dancers will speak to the audience in different languages including chinese korean and turkish the audience will see that cause each time as a country that is developing on all fronts from the economic to the cultural. each time i dance until a certain story one i dance a cosmic dance until the history of my country i love because each time and i want the audience to love that too. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. during the first nine months of twenty sixteen country song
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has sold over one hundred and sixteen thousand cars which is eighty percent more compared with the euro twenty twelve in general the swords were demonstrated to the growth and the first and second longest in seoul told the sales went down by eighty five percent compares was the same period a year before especially so in the comics on oldsmobile business association noted that according to the results of twenty thirteen kazakhstan takes fourth place in the raping of the world's pastas growing core markets and other global waiting on the volume of sales in all countries show that kazakhstan is on forty seventh place out of one hundred compared with sixty fourth position held a year before. these extras the ground to be optimistic about the development of the local market and expect is for the growth of football will go with the pick of the boundary. we believe that bind the hands of the spirit the number of sold cars will reach one hundred and sixty thousand the sheriff cars produced in kazakhstan them on this old cars has
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increased by four point five percent and reached twenty three to twenty four percent compared with the previous year. in these connection every four fishes parties produced in kazakhstan. i believe that he's quite a good index for a country which stars of the scar production in twenty ten after the end option of accelerated industrial and economic and development program. this is why we are optimistic about the prospects of peace markets the question of impeachment. in martin st serum scenes then again you know the spirit them onto the new cars has increased by sixty seven percent compared with the same period a year before and unleashed two point six billion us dollars was five hundred and forty seven in us dollars taking buy locally produced cars according to the results of the third quarter of kazakhstan sold sixteen point two thousand new cars in the months of september the largest share of soul cost was and a prize brock is from ten to fifteen thousand us dollars during
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the reported period the number of cars which cost less than ten thousand us dollars or seventeen percent the sheriff cars enterprise brac is between fifteen and twenty thousand us dollars was estimated sixteen percent and those between twenty and twenty five thousand us dollars reached a total of ten percent. and with the suffering instead of pushing him away. there is any increase in the sales of the b and c class cars the segments can see a wide range of motels. in addition to cars which costs less than sixteen thousand us dollars are the most popular in kazakhstan holidays will be good if not fifty feet hit the summit was the woman people without enough time being. talking about the current trends in the domestic car market thanks course of the association noted this day the trend leading toward saving and becoming the cbd of the banking sector which offers the population to purchase a car on the entire system and retailing thing was no down payment and so on
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these stupid people sampled and auntie t five percent of all sales in the domestic market are connected to is the use of a particular banking fraud that people get some opportunities for the pictures of cars taking into account the development of the banking system clients are also offering retail and being talking on the prospects of the kazakhstan car market experts noted that its prison is important to develop the production of car components to continue the astonishment of a civilized market of spare parts for the evening was given unfortunately at present the so called grey market remains quite active we still haven't tackled only she is connected to is the rise for the use of the particular ground which is why the grey market still prevails in the grey market is not just about competition for official dealers. there is a shill for the winners of the grey market are selling this was not proper certificates to cooperate with the new wing it recently a few foreign car producers have added their bronze into the costumes ready set of intellectual
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property assets which already resulted in a decrease in the sheriff for quality spare parts sold in the market some locals that the qb the pasta there is a problem the dealer sells them are some low quality unlike jamie spare parts. we are fighting for the rise of them for their sin and thus their school is a good one. experts say that in the near future the customs raiser of intellectual property assets will involve golkar bronze presented in kazakhstan sammy's arctic is who's committed worst boss talk by the narrowest of margins to gain a place in college football's premier league in two thousand and fourteen both teams failed to capitalize on numerous chances and goal in regulation. so the mass was extended thirty minutes near the end of overtime and jay sherman cough past apollo first in four corner goal
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the czech republic's thomas bearded can be david for error of spain six four six for the second round match of the finals of the association of tennis professionals tournament in london. verdi now faces spain's rafi elmo doll who defeated switzerland's stan islam while riga seven six seven six the dolls victory gave him the top spot in the two thousand thirteen world rankings. all. recent economic stimulus package the obama administration has pledged three point four billion dollars toward smart grid technology. this technology will help stabilize the power grid in
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the end of the failure to better incorporate alternative energies and vastly improve overall efficiency. smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy costs. gauci said the city conducted by its youth centers that seize control. build on alarmingly high. it was to find tickets goes on. at approximatelyr
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robert. ollie are still watching this very violated dangerous typhoon on here still moving to the philippines actually out there towards the south china sea at this time but lingering rain showers behind it and some they were taking a walk on through out the next several days here but also talk about what's going on elsewhere out in the world can be done several rear is a severe weather were talking about over towards the americans actually on snow storm is currently occurring start move out of the rockies and portions of idaho and montana. here you are looking at blizzard like conditions of twenty five centimeters of snow fall beer while possible. you see that height greedy in reading the rules lines really close together that day became of sixty five km prior winds
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moving through the dakotas here so there's possibly some white out conditions. a wintry mix moving out their tours portions of the western great lakes as it pushes through here on friday even overt work saturdays to get a rain snow mix here specially for the overnight hours more snow. i could be accumulating as that pushes off their toys he's been at any time there's still some rain showers lingering there are cross portions of the pacific northwest outside of that bill. as far as the americans go high pressure is dominating at this point oklahoma city with five eighteen partly cloudy skies here fors
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intentional. somebody helping themselves to. most of such a
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tragic tale. i'm not about that informs main accomplishments that she did in silence. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person in on a show to be a sure thing. i really big thing. a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean it's progress you want to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's been the stimuli to manage the person that you see it and it's as if a woman mail it's amazing that it will destroy the train then she has the lead in helping to teach or to put weight on only time in a shelter she's either totally got into medicine and abrasions will the government sees no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing. do
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they. when in need and want one. over the world enforcers innovation through science and technology it though banks struggle to sel but that's too that the anc. i


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